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Phoenix Consulting Group provides consulting, implementation, auditing and training services for environmental management systems, based on the international standard ISO 14001:2015.  These services can also include:  environmental assessments, risk/hazard assessments, and waste management/waste audits.


We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to offer a START -> FINISH certification service.  We’ll review your current systems, develop an effective and efficient environmental management system that works for you, train your company personnel on how to make it work, and do the compliance auditing to get you certified.


We can also offer you a unique consulting service we call the Quarterly Maintenance Program.  Let us monitor your environmental management system year-round, keeping it effective and compliant at all times.  It’s a great cost-efficient way to keep your systems fine-tuned all year.


At Phoenix Consulting Group, we offer our customers the opportunity to have their management system developed using our unique, process flow-based, paperless program...ISO-drive.


You can choose between Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental, or any combination of these three programs.  Record-keeping is handled through simple excel schedules, or link to your own files.  Completed records, templates, and other documents can be stored within the program. 


Processes, forms, completed records, all in one easily-accessed location.  Efficient...effective...ISO-drive.

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